About Our Process

The goal of our process is to discover, articulate and present your organization’s unique promise in a compelling manner — its resources, expertise, offering, style and aspirations. The process to get there creates a strong, knowledge-based foundation that drives key aspects of the brand and communications strategy.

And because all good brands have something in common – a strong and relevant connection with their audiences – we also use our experience and instincts to guide us each step of the way.

The starting point and specific requirements will differ for each organization. Therefore, our approach will be designed around your specific objectives and tailored to your particular circumstances. We offer this brand development process as a sample:

Get Clear

Whatever the assignment and challenges laid out for us, it is often necessary to begin the process with a clear understanding of the your market, competitive context and key opportunities and issues.

Beyond executive interviews and consultation, and depending on project scope, various functions may be performed including communications audits, strategic planning reviews, workshops, market research and customers and stakeholder perception surveys. Alternatively, and if available, a thorough review of existing data and research may suffice.

An appropriately detailed report of findings and recommendations will precede a strategic brief and finalized project plan, confirming timelines, deliverables, costs, roles and responsibilities for all parties.

Get Set

Equipped with this strategic knowledge, we begin the task of building or clarifying the key brand tenets in order to link your brand strategy with your organizational goals, whether we are developing a new brand identity or re-positioning your existing brand through marketing.

We look at how a revised brand architecture – the relationship between the various parts of an organization or between an organization and its various affiliates and/or services – may be better deployed to serve your business objectives.

We develop a solid brand foundation and brand narrative, and evolve them into a clear and distinctive brand positioning and messaging platform, including tagline options for use in marketing communications.

The process concludes with the production of a creative design brief for the development of a new visual identity or communications program to follow.

Get Creative

Whatever the program scope and objectives, we begin the creative phase by developing various design options in line with the strategic brief.

A brand identity doesn’t end with the creation of a new logo however. A branded visual style that encompasses, among other things, typography, colours, imagery style, key messaging and tagline usage will provide the necessary context for a brand rollout and branded communications program implementation.

The identity system, its rationale and its ongoing management principles must be documented and clearly explained. A brand identity guidelines document will serve this purpose. It can also bring the brand positioning to life by telling the brand story and by offering compelling rationale to internal and external stakeholders (users of the brand) for upholding the brand standards as the program moves forward.

Get Rolling

A new brand – name, visual identity and messaging – or brand communications initiative can be used to generate significant interest and provide a focal point for organizational transformation that may be seen as answering a present market need, or anticipating and planning wisely for imminent and future opportunities.

To begin to maximize your organization’s market opportunity will be an immediate priority. To that end, Nonpareil assists you with, or leads the development and production of key communications tools infused with the brand positioning and narrative.

If launching a new or revitalized brand, we assist you with the development of a launch communications plan that can meet your objectives and priorities.