Sentry Select

Jean-Pierre led a team of experts in helping redefine the fast-growing investment company’s market positioning and formalize its brand promise.

The process entailed the development of a new brand identity to help elevate the profile of the company and clearly position it as an established and innovative market leader in alternative investment products.

The process involved customer and internal consultation and a plan to create an expandable product architecture and nomenclature conventions to consolidate and unify the branding of disparate products and partnerships into a cohesive corporate identity framework.

To set apart the brand, we eschewed the financial industry’s clichéd conventions and created a narrative that championed the idea of partnerships. At the core of the brand expression was the notion of “Building Partnerships” – a theme reprised in all of the marketing literature and visually expressed throughout the materials, using the concept of “complementary pairings”. This partnership theme is also evident in the double “S” design that comes together in the shape of a classic shield, echoing the idea of the sentry.

The overall approach planned for Sentry Select’s marketing department to seamlessly assume control of the brand identity moving forward.