The world does not need another branding company.

June 14, 2011

There. I’ve said it. So then, what is Nonpareil, and why should you care? Because what small and medium size businesses, professional services, entrepreneurial and public sector organizations can definitely use is a communications company that understands their particular needs, culture and challenges and is focused on servicing them in a holistic and superior manner.

I launched Nonpareil this year after spending the better part of the last 20 years working in the marketing, communications and design fields, with the last seven as a senior executive and brand strategist at one of this country’s preeminent brand consultancies. What I can tell you is that while these firms do excellent work, they are ill-suited to servicing the mid-market.

In this resource-constrained environment, these agencies are compelled to turn their attention to, and focus their efforts on pursuing and servicing the most lucrative accounts. You can hardly blame them. After all, they have to be responsible to their shareholders and have to keep producing quarterly earnings and profits that will keep them happy and the company in business.

Nonpareil’s approach is different. We bring senior branding and marketing communications experience to you and tailor our approach and solutions to fit your needs and your means. We can do this because we have shed the expensive overhead and eschewed the compensation structure that renders most agencies uncompetitive. We do this without sacrificing the outcome and in the process are accountable only to you and not to shareholders or to the market.

You may ask: “Can Nonpareil deliver the same services as these large and more established agencies?” Absolutely! Our model is simply different. So, on occasion, we rely on a limited and highly qualified network of contributing experts who bring to bear their knowledge and talents to service your needs in certain key areas. Thanks to this flexible structure, you will never have to pay for something you do not want, need or use.

Simple. Straightforward. Logical.

Nonpareil Branding and Design

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