Organizational Branding

If a brand is said to be a promise, Nonpareil’s role is to support that promise with a resounding, singular and relevant verbal and visual narrative that is conveyed throughout your marketing communications, and that helps your organization build a bond with your audience and create an automatic understanding of your public value. This is critically important for entities where the brand equity accrues principally to the organizational name itself, and where your reputation and your brand cannot be separated.

Brand Alignment

All organizations in existence already have a brand: it is their earned reputation for how they do “business”, the perceived value of their services, how they treat their employees and customers, etc. In time, brand reputation and brand expression may not have kept pace with each other, or may have followed diverging paths. In other cases, there may be a need to address reputational or market issues or to communicate a change in focus. Nonpareil’s approach addresses these potential needs.

Brand Foundation

Nonpareil follows an evolutionary process to the creation of brands, because taking your organizational brand to the stage where the public considers it an important part of their lives, requires more than superior creative and design skills. It requires that you articulate your brand promise and offering compellingly, by clearly proclaiming your purpose, emphatically asserting your positioning, evocatively expressing your personality and resonantly personifying your values.

A clear and thoroughly reflected statement of the pledge your organization is making to its intended market…nothing less than exactly what they have the right to expect as a result of their interaction with you. Your promise will necessarily need to be targeted to the right audience as no company can promise all things to all people. Thus, the very first principle of strategic planning will dictate that you make clear choices about your intended audience and the services/products you intend to deliver to them.

A company’s purpose is unique to that company and not relative to its competition. A successful brand will not simply make a promise that separates it from another, but will have instead a defining purpose, recognizing that its promise is as good as empty without its purpose as support. Purpose-driven branding is an important success factor in this today’s environment. A company whose employees can answer the question, “Why are we here?” will be one that makes stronger connections with consumers in search of solutions.

A clear, concise and explicit statement of who you serve, how you meet their needs and the key reason they can trust you. Where do you place your organization within your market and relative to your competitors? What market do you serve and what defines and distinguishes you from others who claim the same benefits and quality for their own offering? Answering these questions with the utmost care is of key strategic importance.

Give your audience a sense for what it is like to deal with you. If your organization were a person, what would its key character traits be? Would it be business-like and detached or empathetic and welcoming; fun loving and affable or serious and reflective? There are no right answers, of course. Each organization will find what is appropriate for their brand and ultimately what their audience values. But the answer to these questions should directly inform your stance and brand voice, and accordingly impact all interactions with your customers.

A clear and unequivocal statement of what makes your you tick. They are the inherent beliefs and guiding principles behind your organization and those who make up its team. It expresses the values that drive the organization’s internal decisions, behaviours, actions and culture. It is ideally a clear statement of ethics and therefore of the principles the organization will uphold and not compromise under any circumstances, and simultaneously of those it will not tolerate.

Brand Narrative

Armed with these building blocks – the brand’s foundation – Nonpareil moves beyond the strategy to help create the emotional levers that tangibly brings home what your brand stands for; or even what it opposes – an ideal that inspires, and a status quo that must be vanquished – in a compelling narrative that you can disseminate throughout your communication and evolve overtime. It is the kind of story telling that makes you understandable to your audience and focuses your market stance.

Brand Communications Tools

Nonpareil puts the full power of communications, marketing and design behind your brand by developing and producing the various programs and the tools needed for your organization to succeed. Whether in print, web, direct marketing or social media, our focus is primarily and necessarily on strategic programming, content development and design. Nonpareil takes a holistic view to marketing communications and, as such, we are “media-neutral” in our approach. What this means is that your program will respond directly to your needs and we will ensure these are serviced by the best specialist or resources available.